Best Viber Spy App – Monitor the Productivity of Workers

How can Spy App Help You to Control Employees

If you are the owner of the flourishing enterprise, you will be interested in high productivity of your employees, but you cannot control them all the time. That is why, there are useful Viber Spy apps, which give you an opportunity to look through the activity of your employees during working hours. You have a possibility to read SMS, get data about calls and even watch the GPS location of your employees. Keep reading this article to get more information about spy apps’ features.

What is a Viber Spy?

Viber Spy is an innovative software, which gives you an opportunity to track the activity of the employees. It is easy-to-use and has the user-friendly interface. All you need is to install it on the device, which you want to monitor and create an online account. All the data will be sent on that account, and you will be able to look through it whenever it is convenient for you.


Viber Spy gives you an opportunity to get the following information:

  • Text Messages: You will have a possibility to read sent and receive SMS and understand whether your employee is polite and professional. What is more, you will get the information about people, he or she has a chat with;
  • Call History: It will help you to understand whether your employee speaks with potential investors, customers, client or he or she spends paid hours talking to friends, relatives, spouse, children and other people, who are not related to his or her working duties;
  • Social Networks: it is proven that some employees prefer to spend his or her time in social networks chatting, watching videos, pictures, reading new and listening to music. Spy app will give you a low-down about the time, spent in social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, by your worker;
  • E-Mails: You can also monitor e-mails received and sent by your employee. Thus, you will be sure that he or she knows how to write then accurately and whether they are polite with your clients;
  • Contacts: You will have an access to all the contacts, available on the phone of your employee;
  • GPS location: if you noticed that your employee is frequently outside the office and he or she explain their absence with meetings with customers, you can check whether they are telling the truth. In addition to that, GPS location will be available in free version after free trial expire;
  • Browsers: You will also have an access to the history of Internet requests of your workers. It is extremely valuable information, as workers may waste precious working hours on different useless websites;
  • Media Files: top Viber Spys may also offer you access to videos, photos, and documents of the owner of the device. Usually, this function is not very useful to employers.

Thus, if you hesitate whether your workers are responsible and professional, you can check it with the help of spy apps.