Monitor the activity of employees, recovering the leaked data

By | April 14, 2017

Using Spy apps

Once in a while, we face certain facts that give us hints on unfair employees. Such people can either share secret data with rivals or do their job unconscionably. It leads to often financial losses and can bring huge harm to company’s reputation.

It is clear that we cannot blame anyone out of nothing. We need a strong evidential base with facts and proofs. Here is where bosses take in their heads an idea of installing phone trackers to corporate smartphones.

Unfortunately, the mobile spy is rarely enough as most of the leaks occur from office computers. This is why it is recommended to use full pack – software that can monitor all devices:


-mobile phones,


Luckily, these programs exist and have been successfully used over the past 5-7 years. Huge enterprises will never admit they use such apps, but we know it is true.

Join up

Any of these apps requires three easy steps to prepare for work:

  1. Buying a pack that meets all our needs.
  2. Installing it on all computers or mobile devices needed.
  3. Registering within this system.

Some customers are looking for computer and phone spy; the others need a program for all devices. There are packs for one and more users. Customers should find the pack that fits them best.

After the choice is made – it will hardly take long to install apps to all devices. They hide deeply into devices and never show up. This makes such spy apps completely invisible.

The last step requires a quick registration. It is recommended to never use regular or corporate emails. The application will hide all credentials, but customers can be busted when anyone sees their incoming letters marked by the program.

Keep using

As soon as registration is finished – mobile viber spy starts monitoring users’ activity. Every step they take within their gadgets will be copied and folded in a virtual server. Customers get complete reports on their employees:



-browser history,


-messages from all popular messengers, including Facebook,

-media files,

-applications started,

-screenshots of the desktop on any set interval,


It gets easy to track if workers do their job or get paid for having fun at work. Bosses can easily see who is working over norm and who is skipping major tasks.

One more benefit is that we always know who is transferring information to the rivals and can get rid of the rat.

Safe and sound

This information remains within a distant virtual server. We get access to it from any PC or another device no matter where we are. All we need is a password and our login.

Users can hardly find out they were spied after. Even if they get access to all the archives – they will never find out who has started the chase and what the aim was. Unless we tell anyone.

This is why such apps are safe and do not bring any threat to their customers at all.

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